New Tamkeener Welcome Page

Welcome aboard new Tamkeeners! This page is intended to get new Tamkeeners fully enrolled and up to date with the Tamkeen culture and blend with the group. Please read the following sections.

Making a family account:

Parents can make a “Family Account”, where they can add/edit info of their youth. They can also track the attendance and performance of their youth in Tamkeen. After parents register, they will get an email with the info needed to create a family account. For instructions on how to create a family account, please watch: How To Make a Family Account

Making a Tamkeener account:

Youth should make a” Tamkeener Account”. A Tamkeener account is needed to access multiple pages on our website including the weekly quiz and the halaqa archives. Tamkeeners can also track their attendance and performance in Tamkeen using their profiles. For instructions on how to create a Tamkeener account, please watch: How To Make a Tamkeener Account

Weekly quiz and suggested videos:

Tamkeeners are expected to watch the two suggested videos that we post weekly on our website and answer the weekly quiz. The weekly quiz is changed every Tuesday night and can be accessed at:

Tamkeen Halaqas and activities:

Tamkeen offers a weekly main halaqa on Saturday 12:00PM and an additional Islamic History halaqa on Tuesday 7:00PM. Few other sporadic halaqas are scheduled every now and then. As of now, the halaqas are on Zoom and livestreamed on YouTube. To make the halaqa safe over zoom, participants must register on Zoom using a zoom account to be able to join the Zoom meeting. A participant needs to register once for the Saturday halaqa and once for the Tuesday halaqa, and a meeting link will be emailed from Zoom that can be used to attend all occurrences of the halaqa. Zoom and YouTube links for all halaqas are sent on the mailing lists and WhatsApp chat groups. Tamkeen meets for activities on Saturdays after the halaqa. Each week, a different activity is planned and information are communicated through the mailing lists, WhatsApp groups, our social media outlets and on our Website.

Mailing lists and WhatsApp Group:

Tamkeen has three mailing lists for Parents, Boys and Girls. You may request to join any of the mailing list through our website homepage We have two main WhatsApp groups, one for boys and one for girls. To request to join a WhatApp group, please email or contact a Tamkeen admin.

Tamkeen Social Media Outlets:

Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch our halaqas and watch Tamkeeners as they are engaged in their activities and innovations.
Please like our Facebook Page to get the latest updates from Tamkeen.
and our Instagram is the most active social media channel maintained by our Tamkeeners.